Show & Tell / May 2020

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On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in September 2017 at Centennial Hall. Visit our Blog to see the rugs showcased in the past.   

Show & Tell / Floral Rugs (1)_

Flowers are one of the oldest and most common patterns in tapestry, and this is no exception in Rug Hooking. Here you have a selection of floral designs hooked by our members.

Crewel Runner, By Dawna Matthew

Dawna Matthew
«Crewel Runner»
Teacher: Lois Morris
Lots of techniques which were new to me, a great learning experience!

Big Momma, By Ti Seymour

Ti Seymour
Big Momma
45.5” x 14.5”
Design by Gene Shepherd
This was a class offered by Gene Shepherd after TIGHR 2015 in Victoria, B.C. The wool is also from Gene. We worked on color placement and order of hooking. Gene gave many demonstrations, one-on-one advice and fun stories along the way. I loved his class!

Bench Pad, By Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson
Bench Pad

For many years this 83cm x 34cm rug was on a bench in the entrance to my cottage in Vermont. It is now on the floor in front of the fireplace in my house in Pointe-Claire.

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