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Show & Tell : June 1st, 2020       

On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in September 2017 at Centennial Hall. Use the label "Show & Tell" to see the rugs showcased in the past.         

Special Show & Tell : Marinas & boats             

Marinas & boats is a special Show & Tell to celebrate the June 1st reopening of marinas, camping and certain types of tourist activities in Quebec, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Dock,  by Lois J. Morris
Lois J. Morris

This piece was inspired by a picture I had taken somewhere outside of Portland, Maine.  I just put it together one afternoon when I was wanting to hook but didn’t have a pattern hanging around to hook.

Boats at Harbour in Nova Scotia, by Debbie Séguin

Debbie Séguin
Boats at Harbour in Nova Scotia

Our family went to Nova Scotia and we bought a magnet for a souvenir. I had it on my fridge and decided one day that it would make a great rug!  Alice and Betty, two former hookers, came to my house.  Alice had prepared four squirt bottles of sky colours.
On our picnic table in the backyard we squirted the sky colours on my prepared Dorr wool.  The outcome was beautiful!  I hooked the sky in order of the way it was dyed! So much fun,such great memories!  I made it for my Mom!  I enjoyed hooking every loop!  She loved it!  It hung in her living room!  She has since passed, so it now hangs in our hallway.

Sailboats, hooked by Fay Louch

Fay Louch
Adapted from internet picture

The 'boats' picture was a course I took with Lois Morris at Beaconsfield. We were doing what would be called a 'sampler' in other stitching classes. I looked for a picture of sailboats on line thinking I could do each sail in a different stitch. I was pleased with the results since the picture allowed many different techniques.

Here are more rugs about marinas and boats!
These pieces were exhibited prior to the 2017 Show.

Storms at Sea, original by Judith Dallegret

Storms at Sea, original by Judith Dallegret

Judith Dallegret
Storms at Sea

These rugs represent two variations of the same design, hooked by Judith Morehouse Dallegret of  Digby Neck, NS.

The smaller rug, a half-oval, was commissioned for a home in Maine by the ocean. The larger rug, 
38 x 48”,  was for my own home by the sea in Nova Scotia. It sits in front of a large handmade fireplace. Both are schooners as to the rigging and the number of masts.

The saying “There Are Worse Storms at Sea” is  from the mother of a dear rug-hooking friend of mine. I have always loved samplers embroidered with sayings and this one seemed to fit my rug perfectly . The flowers in the border are the wild  Rambler roses that grow around my home.

I have always been fascinated with sailing ships, perhaps due to my sea captain ancestors building ships and sailing around the world from this same little cove where I go today with my family. My most famous ancestor was perhaps Capt David Morehouse. While sailing the “Dei Gratia” he discovered the famous ghost ship the “Mary Celeste “ off the Azores. It was sailing with a vanished crew. The story can be read here from the Smithsonian Magazine. Follow the link:

The Dock, original by Lois J. Morris

Lois J. Morris
The Dock

This rug  measures 39” x 27”. I just hooked each building a little higher as it came closer to you. I carved the posts and cut the loops on the outside of the boat, I reverse-hooked the inside wall of the boat so it appeared flat .  I hooked it mainly out of old clothes,  the barrels on the dock are hooked out of unraveled burlap, the barrel staves are hooked out of a strand of brown leather. I hooked the water diagonally  and wiggled it to give it movement. The sky was hooked out of dip-dyed fabric, I hooked the strands in the order they were cut, and had to watch carefully at the root line of the roofs in order to line the background colour up so the sky would be even. 


This month we offer you a double Show & Tell. The floral design continues with Irises and Roses. Follow the link:  Floral Rugs #2

Irises and Roses - Floral Rugs #2

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