International Hook-In Day

Sherwood Forest Elementary School
International Rug Hooking Day - December 4th
Submitted by Ti Seymour

Our celebrity Grade 6’ers at Sherwood Forest Elementary became our focus for this day.  We wanted them to have a hooked piece to take home either for themselves or as a gift for someone special this Christmas.  Each child hooked an initial on a ready-to-hang frame, which was completed within 2 hours and wrapped by helpers at the end.  We took along Punch Hooking equipment for children that were challenged by traditional rug hooking at our last event.  They were delighted to find this was a much easier alternative.  Teachers and aides also hooked alongside the children and the collaboration between both was heartwarming indeed.  Principal, Mr. Torunian, witnessing the scene, was truly impressed.  Many thanks to Dawna Matthew and Claire Fradette who put some considerable time into setting up this event with me and helping out on the day. Many thanks also to Linda Henderson, Isabelle Rollin, Brenda Ticehurst and Louise de Tonnancour for being part of this fun event.

Linda and Ti
Linda and Ti helping at Sherwood Forest Elementary School

Some students showing their Bubble Writing Project


Gabriel's finished piece

J bubble writting
Bubble Writing Project - J

Dawna helping at Sherwood Forest Elementary School

Bubble Writing Project - M

A Teacher

finished piece
Bubble Writing Project - J

two sudents
Bubble Writing Project -Y and H

Bubble Writing Project - J

International Hook-In day
International Hook-In Day at Sherwood Forest Elementary School

Bubble Writting
Bubble Writing Project - J

Brenda and student
Brenda helping at Sherwood Forest Elementary School

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