On-Line Celebration

40th Anniversary

On-Line celebration 

By Maria Romero, Webmaster

To celebrate 2015 as our 40th Anniversary Year, I have created three special projects as a gift to the Guild: 40 Years Page, Illustrations, and a New Animated Rug Video.

The 40 years page includes a message from the executive, a message from our founder: Lois Morris, and the 40th Anniversary Logo. This page  is connected to three other sub-pages: Program, Guestbook and Photo Album, with old pictures and newspapers articles.

40 years page
On-Line Celebration: 40 Years Page

Program Page
On-Line Celebration: 40th Anniversary Program Page

Photo Album Page
On-Line Celebration:Photo Album Page

Guestbook Page
On-Line Celebration: Guestbook Page

A 40th Anniversary Logo was created to be used as the main illustration during our celebrations. Some other illustrations have been published on our Website (News and Blog) and our Facebook Page for April Fool's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. All of them include our distinctive hook, which is part of our Website banner and our visual identity.
For more information about the Logo,  follow this link.

To close the year, a new Clip of Animated Rugs was released on December 19th, 2015, featuring pieces from our 40th Anniversary preliminary, Fall Shows and Greeting Cards Collection. This is the longest one I have produced (3:30), with a total of 33 rugs synchronized with the instrumental music "En la brisa" By Dan-O, www.DanoSongs.com

I dedicate this animation to Lois Morris, our founder, and especially to Ti Seymour, Dawna Matthew and Jacqueline Bouchard, our Executive Committee, for all their hard work during 2015!  I'm extremely proud of my Guild.

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