Show & Tell - November 2009

Scrolled Flowers
 Hooked by Sylvia Solomon

This rug is a copy of a rug done in punch needle, which was in “A Passion for Punchneedle”. It was originally a pattern for a rug intended for a dollhouse. I enlarged it to 22 inches x 32 inches. I also changed the colours. It is done in a #5 cut and some #3. I used all recycled wool.

Hamilton Lace
Designed by Joan Moshimer, modified and hooked by Kay Cousineau

The rug measures 24” x 64” and is in a design that was modified somewhat, especially in the scroll areas. The rug was started during a course given by our teacher, Judith Dallegret, and finished with the help of Lois Morris, our other teacher. The rug was hooked mainly in #5 cut, using a lot of leftover wool from previous projects. I really enjoyed hooking this rug, as it was a total departure from the oriental themes that I had been hooking up till then.

Sharon Clarke

My mistakes
Designed by Tara Darr Lais and Hooked by Sharon Clarke

I hooked this rug for my Mother’s 77th birthday. It is made of different wools that I dyed and which I had hoped would come out a different colour than it did. Hence, I gave the rug the name “My Mistakes”. Very apt, as my Mother has tolerated my mistakes all my life! It is based on a template for  “Primitive Flowers” by Tara Darr and hooked in a no. 8 cut on monk’s cloth. My other rugs have been much darker colours, so working this palette was quite a challenge. Mom loves the rug and moves it to a new room each day so she can show it off!

Barbara Kerr

Santa Claus Wall Hanging
Designed by Polly Minick and hooked by Barbara Kerr

This wall hanging is an old style version of Santa Claus and was shown in a book called “Hooked Rugs” by Ann Davies and Emma Tennant. It is called Father Christmas and was designed as a floor rug by Polly Minick. It is somewhat different from the original design in that Santa’s body, the tree, and the bag are sculpted giving the piece a three dimensional look and the beard is a piece of loose wool which flies out behind him. I used her colours, which are strong but muted and give the rug a faded antique look. It has become part of our Christmas celebration that we all enjoy.

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