Show & Tell - July 2009

Mauren Rowe

Oxen in Summer
Designed by Maud Lewis and hooked by Maureen Rowe

This was hooked from a Maud Lewis kit purchased in the boutique of the Art Gallery of  Nova Scotia where there is a permanent Maud Lewis exhibition. I was so taken with Maud’s primitive art and her colours that I decided to do this piece of “Oxen in Summer” with variegated wool in the same colours she used, rather than the solid house paint coloured wool that came in the kit, so it is hooked à ma façon. It was lots of fun to do as Maud’s  subjects are always so whimsical.

Lucie Lambert
Fall (sampler)
Designed by Mary Lou Lais 
Hooked by Lucie Geneviève  Lambert

 I used #6 cut and new and recycled wool on monks cloth.

Audrey Colliss

A Rittermere Design hooked by Audrey  Colliss

This is a print I bought from Rittermere the late eighties.  The colors I used were "Joan Moshimer Jacobean Colors". She spent one whole summer experimenting with the dyes with her windows wide open in her kitchen and the cool breeze coming in off the Atlantic ocean to keep her cool.  The end result was the beautiful dye colors she produced and we are the fortunate benefactors.

Denise Vandenbemden
(an inspiration from a wrapping paper) 
Hooked by Denise Vandenbemden

One of my Belgian friends came to visit one day and admired our work. She couldn't wait to give it a try herself, so I quickly created a small pattern, inspired by a piece of wrapping paper, provided her with the necessary material and got her started. Her stay was to short for her to finish the piece and fearing that I might have forgotten what it looked like if ever she called me later on for instructions  I made the same one for me. I called it Provence and this is how it looks.  And hers? Once back at home and her daily occupations she never took it up again. It still sits in her suit case  Well... that's life.

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