Show & Tell / January- March 2016

Denise Morissette

My rug represents a skier practicing snowboarding. It was made for my grandson who enjoys this sport. For the design I was inspired by a picture seen on the internet. I used both new wool I dyed and some recycled woolens, cut in #6 for most of the hooking, with #3 for the details.

Denise Morissette
Denise Morissette - Snowboard

Winter Scene
Hooked by Kay Cousineau

This pictorial was inspired by a Christmas Card I had received, which represented an oil painting of a colourful winter scene by Clarence Gagnon. For this project I used new and recycled wool and met the challenge of finding the exact colour I was looking for by dying and overdying until I got it right. Lois Morris helped me to achieve this. Very fine cuts of #2 and #3 were used throughout.

Kay Cousineau
Winter Scene Hooked By Kay Cousineau

Polar Boys
By Lorayne Charenko

These two eskimo pieces are not rugs but framed hooked pictures. The first, bellow, one of a set of Polar Boys, represents two eskimos ice fishing. This, my first hooked piece, is the result of a carving course I took with Lois Morris. The twin of this set, a black eskimo, I carved entirely on my own. To achieve a silhouette look, I carved it low and brushed, and brushed again, until I got the aspect I was seeking. From those two pieces I was "hooked" and went on to do other carved pieces.

Lorayne Charenko
Polar Boys By Lorayne Charenko (First hooked piece).

Lorayne Charenko
Framed Hooked Picture By Lorayne Charenko

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