Ormstown Fair

Rug Hooking at the Ormstown Fair – a First!_

By Emmy Maten

June 6-9, 2019

Desjardins Expo Ormstown 2019 

The Rug Hooking Event at opening night of the Ormstown Fair captured a lot of attention from the public, as many had never seen this art before. Our own Charlene was in the Parade playing the bag pipes!

Charlene was in the Parade!

It was the first time that rug hooking was an official event at the Fair and two rugs of our members, Jacques and Isabelle, tied for the 1st place award and another of Jacques’ was awarded 2nd place.

Jacques' Logger tied for 1st Place

Isabelle's Grandfather's Fox Rug Tied for 1st Place!

Jacques' Snowshoes was awarded 2nd Place

Heather Wright from the Hemmingford Rug Hookers (and North Hero) was awarded 3rd place with her rug.

Heather Wright won the 3rd place! 

Other participating guilds were the Martintown Wild and Woolies and Les Joyeuses Houkeuses de la Chateauguay Valley Rollicking Rug Hookers.

Volunteers from each guild including Isabelle, Jacques, and Emmy from Beaconsfield welcomed the public to the art of rug hooking. The fair organisers really appreciated our demonstration and want to continue the Hooked Rug Competition next year! 

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