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Grandfather's Fox by Isabelle Rollin 

Grandfather's Fox
by Isabelle Rollin
My first rug was inspired by my Mother who told me that her Father had designed and maybe even hooked a rug with a fox and flowers. Together, my Mom and I spent many precious moments trying to recreate this design.
This has a great deal of 'doing and undoing' as I was learning to hook. Thank you all for your advice and encouragement. Thanks Mommy.
The rug is 26-5/8"x38", wool cut no. 6.
Original design hooked with recycled material from blazers, skirts and shared wool.

Le Draver/The Logger by Jacques lepage
Le Draveur/The Logger 
By Jacques Lepage 
The image of a happy man, working  his hard and dangerous trade, in the rageing wilderness of spring. 
While I was hooking this rug, many stories were shared to me, souvenirs of people who had the chance to know one of these brave and proud men.
What a great recognition.
For the fabrication of this rug I used woolen shirts. Maybe one had belonged to an old logger!

Lumberjack's Snowshoes by Jacques Lepage

Lumberjack's Snowshoes
By Jacques Lepage
Size: 56”X 30”
This rug was inspired by our snowshoes on a cold winter day. I used plaids in the background to give an effect of lumberjack's woolen coats that would be hanging in their shack. 


It's a Tie!_

Ormstown Fair
June 6-9, 2019

Isabelle's Grandfather's Fox Rug and Jacques' Logger Tied for 1st Place!

Isabelle Rollin and Jacques Lepage, two members of our Guild and also a couple in real life, tied for the 1st Place Award at the 105th Edition of the Ormstown Fair, during the first Rug Hooking Show ever done! Certanly, Jacques could be a member of the "Rug Hooking Hall of Fame": He also won the 2nd place! Congratulations Isabelle and Jacques! We're very proud of you two!

Jacques' Lumberjack's Snowshoes was awarded 2nd Place

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