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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Show & Tell / January - March 2014

Sarah - Lois Morris
Sarah - Lois Morris

by Lois Morris

The original adaptation of a photo from my granddaughter’s portfolio (courtesy of Ed Flores) measures 25” x 19” and was hooked on rug warp with #2 cut wool.   I used white wool and  dyed 45 shades of blue from my own formula.  I dyed five–nine value swatches, 3 inches by 9 inches as well as 3 dip dyed pieces from the same formula.

I had always planned to do portraits of my grandchildren, but not until they were their own person. So when Sarah graduated from university as a dancer and sent me this picture from her portfolio, I decided it was time. The original picture was in sepia and I didn’t want to work in those colours, so I decided to do it as a monochromatic in blue because when I started the project the theme for OHCG was “The Sound of Colour” and I was going to call it Rhapsody in Blue and toss in a few bars of the song. But as luck would have it, I needed to go bigger to get all the detail and long story short, it wasn’t going to be finished in time. I just made her bigger and dyed 45 shades of blue and the rest is history so to speak. She was thrilled to get it. Now I have to get going on her brother and sister.

Heron - Denise Vandenbemden
Snowy Heron - Denise Vandenbemden

Snowy Heron
Denise Vandenbemden

The rug measures 23” x 18”. The design was adapted from a picture of what I believe to be a John Audubon watercolour. The rug was hooked on rug warp with new wool that I custom dyed. It was hooked in #2 and #3 cuts. There is no particular story to this rug; I simply needed a subject for a three-dimensional hooking course. The rug has been framed.

Louise de Tonnancour
Hooked by Louise de Tonnancour
Louis-Joseph Godefroy de Tonnancour (1712-1784)
By Louise Godefroy de Tonnancour

This framed tapestry, which I adapted from the original painting, measures 14” x 20” and is hooked on rug warp with new wool cut in #2. I was inspired by the original painting and wanted to hook a portrait of my XVIII ancestor. A problem in my right shoulder provided me with the opportunity to begin working with finer cuts. From fellow rug hooker, Lois Morris, I learned a wonderful technique to hook portraits with wool cut on #2. The rest is history.