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These pieces were exhibited prior to the 2017 Show. Use the label "Show & Tell" to see other rugs showcased in the past.   

Special Show & Tell / Memories # 2 : Travel Memories  

Jeanne Osler. Memories of Lerici. Italy. Original

Jeanne Osler 
Memories of Lerici, Italy
22.5 x 37 inches 

This story comes from the late Jeanne Osler’s son John. 

My family and I were living in Italy from 1996 to 1999. We rented an old home (~400 years old) on the grounds of an Italian villa in Pugliola, Italy (near Lerici as Mom identified on the tag on the back). It was once the living quarters for the servants and was called “Il Casalino”, or the little house. Mom and Dad came to visit us along with my Aunt Norma. Mom was fascinated by the hand-painted tiles on the floor in the living room. She took pictures, made sketches, and then created a beautiful hooked rug replica of that floor. My wife remembers that Mom hand-dyed the wool to match the colours.

Jeanne's inspiration


Maria Romero. Poas. Original 

Maria Romero

14 x 12 inches

Volcanoes fascinate me. Poas was the first volcano I saw in my life during a trip to Costa Rica. It was a misty morning and I remember very vividly how I was amazed once the clouds opened, allowing me to contemplate Poas’ huge crater with its beautiful turquoise lagoon. I took a lot of pictures, of course! This piece is part of a series of the world's volcanoes. It was exhibited in The St-Henri 2007 Show, Hooked in the Mountains 2009, and the 2015 BHCG 40th Anniversary Exhibition. I gave it to my sister as a gift.


Louise G. de Tonnancour. Round trip to New Mexico

Louise G. de Tonnancour
Round trip to New Mexico

60-inch diameter

I always wanted to see New Mexico. My dream became reality during a March school break in 2003. Upon my return, I designed this rug and decided to make it in the punch needle technique.
This piece was shown in the April 2009 Show and Tell.


Double Show & Tell !

This month we offer you a Double Show and Tell about Memories!  
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Memories #1: Family Memories

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