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Show & Tell / Memories #1 : Family Memories

November is about Memories and a time of reflection, of capturing thoughts or feelings of the past, of wanting to keep something or someone close to the heart. Whether representing the daily life of our ancestors, capturing childhood memories, or creating an image of a special trip, each rug is hooked with feelings we want to portray and keep.

Jacques Lepage, The Old-timers. Original

Jacques Lepage
The Old-timers

2015, 2016, and 2017
Each rug measures 15 x 24.5 inches

I was inspired by a wooden sculpture, depicting the scene of life "way back when". A couple busy at their daily chores: here she sits knitting as he puts another log on the fire. I really enjoyed hooking this rug, so I decided to make a little series of these folks’ day-by-day living. In the second rug she is cooking at the wood stove, as he sits with a cup of tea. In the third rug, she is spinning at her wheel as he is heading out to the barn. Number 4 is in the making; stay tuned for more.

Panel #1

Panel #2

Panel #3


Jacques Lepage, Tool Rug. Original

Jacques Lepage
Tool Rug

55 x 34 inches

I really wanted to make a rug with a big border. But what to hook in the center? "Eureka!!! " My vintage tools. Being a cabinet maker, I preciously kept my grandfather's wooden plane and other special tools. One December 25th, I went in my shop, laid each tool directly onto the linen and traced around each piece, saving lots of room for my border. Hooked with #8 cut wool.


Jacques' inspiration


Isabelle Rollin, The House of his Childhood

Isabelle Rollin
The House of his Childhood

38 x 26 inches

I was asked to bring an old black and white photo to life by hooking a colorful rug of this house that stood in Gaspé, Québec. It was a challenge for me to work on a piece which brought back so many memories and emotions for this man. Done with #6 cut wool on linen.


Isabelle Rollin, Mommy's Button Box. Original

Isabelle Rollin
Mommy's Button Box

30 x 54 inches

In memory of my mother

As a child I played with these buttons while my mother would make clothes with her sewing machine by the window. Back then buttons were by far the most colorful objects that I could play with. In 2016, attending a class on scrappy rugs with Judith Dallagret, I modified the buttons to use leftover worms of #8 cut. When the rug was completed, I sewed the real buttons on a piece of wool for safekeeping, making a mini rug.

Mommy's Buttons mini rug


Judith Dallegret, Teddy Bear Picnic Rug. Original

Judith Dallagret
Teddy Bear Picnic Rug

36 x 57 inches
# 9 and 10 cut

I hooked this Birth Rug for my granddaughter’s third birthday … and 3 is repeated throughout. I have used Justine's collection of three Teddy bears as models, and the bears are wearing clothes which I sewed or knit for my own daughter, her mother. They carry 3 bowls of cookies as Justine loves cookies and the border has 3 C’s for the Cookie Monster. Also, the border has 3 crows representing a line from an Old Nova Scotia children's poem (“3 crows a girl”) for my wish when her mother was pregnant!! The background is hooked of as-is textures with her name Justine Judith and birthdate greatly added in. This piece was featured in Rug Hooking Magazine March-May 2012.


Judith's inspiration



Double Show & Tell !

This month we offer you a Double Show and Tell about Memories!  

Follow the link to see Travel Memories related rugs: Memories #2  /

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