Show & Tell / Halloween

BHCG Virtual Celebration       

Special Show & Tell: Pumpkins!      

Today’s Show and Tell is all “Tricks and Treats”! Where the tricks are the “How to” ideas and the treats are these joyous “Pumpkin Rugs”. Happy Halloween!   

Chris Delaney. Pumpkin Time, a Karla Gerard pattern


Chris Delaney
Pumpkin Time

Designed by Karla Gerard
22 x 28 inches

I enjoy making seasonal rugs that I can switch out during the year. I like Karla Gerard’s patterns and the bright colours she uses. I whipped the edges using yarn that matched wool used to hook the pattern. The cut is predominately 8 with some 6 for smaller details. This was done with all new wool – some I dyed. It is on linen.


M. McMurray, Harvest Time, a variation of Teresa Kogut's pattern

M. McMurray 
Harvest Time
Variation of Teresa Kogut's "Merry Hallowe'en" pattern 
6-inch square mini punch needle 

I made this small piece for a friendship mat exchange at the Prairie Harvest Rug Hooking School in Edmonton. I punched it quickly with some yummy Valdani threads from Loretta Moore and adapted the pattern slightly to fit my idea of a prairie harvest. I had a great time at the school, learned a lot about rug hooking and met some wonderful people. If you decide to attend one year you will love it too, I am sure, but be warned: to make my picture really true to life, I would need to add snowflakes!


Ti Seymour. Hearty Pumpkins. Original

Ti Seymour
Hearty Pumpkins

Original design
Approximately 10 X 18 inches

This was my first attempt at Punch Needle, taught by Claire Fradette and Candace Fradette after they took a beginner’s class with Amy Oxford. Our talented Claire constructed a carpet tack frame out of a lap table - it worked very well. I punched it with rug yarn, sari silk yarn, and hand-plied embroidery yarn.

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