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IAD 2020 Poster by Regina Pessoa
Source: ASIFA Website

October is related to beautiful fall landscapes and Halloween, but it is also Animation Month!

In 2002 the International Animated Film Association declared October 28 International Animation Day*. Its goal is to celebrate the art of animation and to commemorate Charles-Émile Reynard’s Théâtre Optique’s first performance at the Grevin Museum in Paris in 1892.

The Guild celebrated its 35th and 40th anniversaries with videos of animated rugs from each respective exhibition. Since the 2020 rug exhibition was cancelled, we offer you instead, a special Show and Tell; we are presenting several hooked pieces from past animations, together with three selected frames to explain the illusion of movement. In reality, it takes 24 images or frames per second to make a smooth animation!

You are invited to view all our videos. Follow the link: Animated Rugs

*You can read more about International Animation Day here: 


Lorayne Charenko. Lotus Flower. A pattern by Paulina Tischer 

Lorayne Charenko 
Lotus Flower 

Shown in a 2004 Exhibition 
16 x 19 inches 
Pattern found in the book “Egyptian Designs in Modern Stitchery” by Pauline Tischer 

I adapted this Egyptian lotus flower rug from a cross-stitch pattern book. I dyed some of the wool and also used some repurposed wool. I love this symmetric flower with a semi-circular composition. This piece hangs in my home. 

Selected frames from the Lotus Flower wall hanging animation

The lotus flower animation effect is done by changing the size of the buds, gradually opening into flowers, and reflecting growth. See the Video 35 years at 00:10.  Follow the link: 35 years


Louise G. de Tonnancour. Dance, Dance, Dance, Original.

Louise G. de Tonnancour 
Dance, Dance, Dance 


I found a pair of plaster figurines of a girl and a boy dancing the Rigaudon, at an antique dealer in Vermont. These figurines interest me a lot and they inspired the design and production of these chair pads. Hooked with # 2, # 3 and # 4 cuts of 100% wool. 

Selected frames from the dancing girl chair pad animation

The dancing girl movement illusion is done with a rotation of elements (head, arms, and legs). See the Video 35 years at 00:21. Follow the link: 35 years


Jacqueline Bouchard. Nottingham, a pattern by Ruth Hall

Jacqueline Bouchard

Pattern by Ruth Hall
34 x 21 inches

This rug was my first and it was started a few days after I became a member of the guild in the fall of 2012. I wanted to hook a rug the traditional way, just like my grandmother did, and I wanted to finish it for Christmas to show it to my family. I knew nothing about the technique of rug hooking, did not how or where to start. My new rug hooking colleagues helped me enormously, to hook a row and rehook a row, straight and even this time. They guided me all the way to the finish. What patience and generosity. Lois drew the phantom leaves in the background to perk it up. The rug is made of recycled Tshirts, handcut and hooked on a pre-printed pattern on burlap. The outline of the flowers is from black pantyhose. I won the marathon – my rug was passed around at Christmas for the admiration of my family, and I am happy with my first effort. I am still cutting my strips by hand.

Selected frames from the Nottingham rug animation
The colours are alive! 

This rug has been animated using color transitions. See the Video 40 years at 02:18. Follow the link: 40 years


Candace Fradette, Céad Míle Fáilte

Candace Fradette 
Céad Míle Fáilte 

14-inch diameter 

For this rug, I used 3 techniques. The background was punched, the knot was hooked, and edging was done in proddy. Céad Míle Fáilte means A Thousand Welcomes in Gaelic. The rug was gifted to my sister. 

Selected frames from the Céad Míle Fáilte rug animation

For this Celtic piece, colour and texture follow a trajectory. See the Video 40 years at 02:31. Follow the link:  40 years

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