Virtual “Hook-ins”

New! Virtual Meetings!   

April 27, 2020   
By Emmy Maten   

Feeling out of the “loop”? Join us at our virtual “Hook-ins”!
When: Monday mornings (recurring) from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Many thanks to Heather McClure for suggesting, organizing and guiding us through our first and subsequent virtual Hook-ins.

April 20 was our first go at the new normal of getting together. What a joy to welcome every new arrival to the meeting, as each person is greeted with hellos and waves from the others. Ti surprised us by joining in too, it being 7 pm in Abu Dhabi, and no airplane trip involved! Conversation was easy. We asked how everyone is managing during “social distancing”, what each person is working on, and we shared some tips on how to get rug hooking supplies (and some practical things like groceries). Some unexpected guests were several cats, dogs, and a pet bird!

April 27: Maria joined us for our 2dn meeting and was able to take a picture of us!

We were 15 for our first get-together, and again 15 for the second, although not all the same members. Each person appears in her own tile, so on my laptop, I saw our group in 3 rows of 5 tiles. If you use a smaller screen such as a tablet or a phone, you may have to do some scrolling back and forth to see everyone.

We encourage you to join in next time, or any time in the future. Whether you stay for the whole time, or just pop in for a short visit, you are always welcome!

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