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In Memory of Jeanne Osler_

Jeanne Osler (2015)

It is with a heavy heart we say farewell to Jeanne Osler, a member of BHCG for nearly 40 years. In the days when you had to hook a rug with 9 flower panels before acceptance into the Guild, Jeanne was determined to join despite her lack of interest in the rug itself. Her heart was instead passionate for a butterfly rug she had seen and that saw her through to the end of the requirement. She completed a wide array of classes taught at the Guild from fine shading, to crewels, carving flowers and a Cheticamp picture frame amongst those that I’ve seen. She was a skilled rug maker and designed her own rugs too. One of her favorites was of a lighthouse scene. Jeanne was an active member even at the end of her time with us. She got us making and participated in the “Tuit” giveaways at our Annual picnic and always encouraged members. Rest In Peace our friend, we will miss you.

Submitted by Ti Seymour, Past President

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This is a compilation of rugs hooked by Jeanne Osler and photographed by Ti Seymour in 2015, plus  a review of her pieces featured in our Gallery Website Page between 2008 and 2018.
West Coast Loon, Adapted from Sue Coombe, 1992

Crewel work, Open Class taught by Joan Ringrose 1995

Beginners floral pillow, taught by Lois Morris 1985

Imari Plate, Beaconsfield course, 1983

Nature's Bounty, Pattern provided in class with Germaine James 1980-90

Retired Kilts, Geometric design 2015

Second Childhood. Adapted from photo in book purchased in Ireland

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Show & Tell_

Show & Tell / October 2008
Nova Scotia Village
Designed by Joe Norris 

Joe Norris (1924-1996) is a great Canadian folk artist and I love his colorful paintings. I bought one of his landscapes from Highland Heart Hookery, in Halifax, Nova-Scotia. The pattern JN404 called “Winter Village” is 14 x 15 inches. The printed burlap original painting was a winter scene which I adapted to autumn because it is my favorite time of the year. For this rug, I used dyed wool and number 3 and 4 cut.

Nova Scotia Village -  A Highland Heart Hookery Pattern Hooked by Jeanne Osler

Show & Tell / November 2010
Beginner Floral
A Rittermere pattern hooked by Jeanne Osler

In 1981, when I joined BHCG, a beginner’s course was required. Shading of six flowers and leaves in either a rug or bell pull, using no. 3 cut wool strips. Individuals could choose among Rittermere patterns.

I am pleased today to see that a beginner will be able to enjoy a completed project much more quickly.

Beginner Floral - A Rittermere Pattern Hooked by Jeanne Osler

Show & Tell / January 2012
Winter Scene 
Adapted from a print

I was inspired to hook this rug to preserve the happy memory of an old print that hung in my parent’s house ever since I can remember. My grandparents may even have previously owned it. The print was untitled and the artist unknown; it represented a winter scene seemingly in a North Shore Quebec village, mid 1800’s to early 1900. We had a running joke in the family, one of my uncles would always turn it upside-down when he came to visit, and we all waited to see how long it took my mother to notice.

Winter Scene - Adaptation from a print - Hooked by Jeanne Osler

Show & Tell / January-March 2013
Snowy Owl 

The Snowy Owl pattern was purchased from Germaine James for a course given by BHCG some years ago. It was hooked with no. 3 and no. 4 cut new wool and dyed wool. The mat has been framed. As a note of interest, since 1987, the Snowy Owl is the official emblem of Quebec.

Snowy Owl - Hooked by Jeanne Osler

Show and Tell / July - September 2015
Safe in Harbour

This rug measures 35 in. x 21 in., I purchased this as a kit from Deanne Fitzpatrick and I hooked this marine landscape with a combination of new, recycled and dyed wool, cut in #4, 6 and 8.

Safe in Harbor - Hooked by Jeanne Osler

Show &Tell / April -June 2017

This is one of the first courses  I took as a beginner.  Joan Boyle was the teacher and a group  from BHCG  went to Brockville.  

Chickadee - Hooked by Jeanne Osler

Show & Tell /January-March 2018
Portland Head Light – A childhood Memory 

This lighthouse is the Portland Head Light, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Pre-World War II  my family and many relatives always vacationed in the Portland area.   A visit to the lighthouse was always a must where as children we played on the rocks and collected periwinkles to  bring home to our grandmother, one of her favourite meals.

Portland Head Light , A Childhood Memory - Hooked by Jeanne Osler

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