Our Annual Picnic       

June 12, 2022        

Our first return to our annual picnic since 2019 was small-scale but appreciated by all. Members from several nearby Guilds joined us. We were spared the rain of some surrounding areas as the sun shone down on us!

A beautiful setting to hook with friends

Everyone was very generous towards our fund-raising for the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. There were door prizes for everyone. Show and Tell time is always so inspiring - the pictures say it all.

Pictures by Dawna Matthew.

Guild Vendors tables: Isabelle & Jacques, Dawna.

Baked Goodies, proceeds went to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Fund.

Door Prizes.

Registration Table

Ukrainian Relief Table, all donated items, with funds going to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Fund

A little advice always helps!

Helen and some of her mini punch needle work

More of Helen’s beautiful work

Helen’s squirrel

Leslie’s farm scene

Leslie’s turtle

Chris and her 2nd Tom Thomson piece.

 Brenda and her next project, an abstract self portrait of her granddaughter.

Carolyn’s door stop.

Kitt’s pillow made for and donated to the Ukraine Relief fund.

Fay’s piece from an online OHCG workshop.

Juliet with her stained-glass tulip.

Dinah with her piece in progress.

Denise and her fish pillow

Denise showing the backside of her pillow.

Sue, a new hooker, and this is only her second piece!

Barbara and her wonderful landscape. Look at those colours!

Debbie with her roses

Debbie and her Deanne Fitzpatrick piece.

Harold holding up Karen’s 3D Pumpkin.

Lucie and her Bluenose.

Mary and Bone Yard (design by Alana Kapell, pattern from Loretta Moore).

Kris and her amazing garage sale find, Grenfell Embroidery!

Jane and her cat, A Jane Boyle design

 Isabelle with Jacques’ “Old Man”, her design, his hooking!

Isabelle with one of her new designs.

 Emmy and her Crocuses, portraying many aspects of the Covid pandemic.

Emmy and her little potholder hooked with tee shirts strips.

Margaret and her lovely weaving.

Claire hooked new life for an old footstool that her brother rescued from the garbage.

Dawna and her gift to the guild.

And Candace, our birthday girl!!

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