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In this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in September 2017 at Centennial Hall. Exploret our Blog to see the rugs showcased in the past.  

Show & Tell : Rug Hooking through the Generations

Like the branches of a bush, rug hooking stems from our ancestors and how wonderful when it continues to grow and flourish through the next generations.

These two vintage Bluenose rugs look very different, but they are actually the same pattern and show a unique design element using woody branches rather than the usual green vines or scrolls.

Bluenose pattern hooked by Charity Morehouse.

Judith Dallegret's Great-Grandmother's Rug at her house in Nova Scotia.

Antique Rugs / Collections

Hooked by Charity Morehouse

Bluenose pattern
Collection of Judith Dallegret
55” x 28”
Circa 1950/1960

I managed to find a photo for you of one hooked rug made by my Great-Grandmother Charity Morehouse. It is now in front of my wood stove, and I treasure it as I’m named after her.
This one is a traditional Bluenose rug pattern, but she also designed her own rug patterns.
She hooked many rugs and was the reason I’ve always loved hooked rugs as I grew up in her home in the summer in Nova Scotia.
I’m a 4th generation rug hooker. Both my grandmothers also were hookers.

Judith Dallagret

Charity and Terah Morehouse in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, around 1936. Courtesy of Judith Dallegret.



Home, a Bluenose pattern hooked by Laura Cameron.

Antique Rugs / Collections

Hooked by Laura Cameron

Bluenose Rugs pattern #288
Collection of Carolyn Ells
51” x 29.5”

This mat was made by my Great-Grandmother Laura Cameron, sometime before 1960. The design is Bluenose Rugs pattern #288. She replaced the center motif with her own “home” motif. The hooked fabric was probably repurposed, some of it over-dyed. It is evenly worn, and still colourful. The foundation is burlap.
We do not know when she started hooking, how many mats she made, or details about her favorite designs. My mother recalls a room-sized mat in Laura’s living room and smaller mats seemingly everywhere throughout house. She also hooked mats for special occasion gifts. This is one of only a few of Laura’s mats known to still exist.

Carolyn Ells

Laura (Locke) Cameron at home farm with barn in back.


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