Show & Tell/ October - December 2016

Show & Tell : Shoes and Footstools!

Claire Fradette
Little Shoes, and May Oxford Pattern Hooked By Claire Fradette


Little Shoes

By Claire Fradette
Amy Oxford pattern, punched hooked. This was started after a trip to Amy Oxford’s studio where Candace and I took an introductory class. I was lucky and found this little footstool at a flea market in the Lancaster, Ontario area. I thought, ” I’m going to put my feet up on it so why not cover it with shoes!” 

Lois J. Morris
Footstool by Lois Morris

Lois Morris
Footstool by Lois Morris 

My Footstool

By Lois Morris
There was an old footstool in a shed out back and I decided we could use it in the family room.  I cleaned it up, re-stained it and hooked a cover for the top. The background is hooked in burgundy wool, the pattern is outlined with blue jeans and filled with the fabric from a pair of cords.  We use it quite frequently. Little children love to sit on it at the coffee table.

Jacques Lepage
Lumberjack's Snowshoes By Jacques Lepage

Lumberjack's Snowshoes

By Jacques Lepage
Size: 56”X 30”
This rug was inspired by our snowshoes on a cold winter day. I used plaids in the background to give an effect of lumberjack's woolen coats that would be hanging in their shack. 

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