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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Advanced Class with Lois Morris

Advanced Rug Hooking Class with Lois Morris

October-November 2016

By Rosemary Hudson

Lois Morris's teaches Alternative Fibre and Techniques . These are her students and beautiful results!

Seven fancy stitches were taught and expected to be included in the chosen pattern of each student:
Aztec, Basket Weaving, Chain, Chevron, Popcorn, Thatch, Turkey.

Here is a sampling of comments on or by students taking the course:

  • Andrée Lapensée:  Our 'fast hooker' carved the turkey with hilarious results.
Andrée Lapensée

  • Juliet Davies:  had her piece chained to the wall in no time at all, as well as taking time out for a South African safari.
Juliet Davies

  • Fay Louch:  in stitches, sailed away ahead of us and placed her chevron in one of her sails - a classy look. 
Fay Louch

  • Deborah:  made no drunken weaving stitch on her exclusive geometric pattern.

  • Rosemary:  As for her 'Nefertiti' design with ultra red lips, false gold head dress with the popcorn stitch, she endeavored to show her as not to appear in any way a hooker.


Here is another but old stitch prompted by Lois which was necessarily included - the PULL OUT.  

Following this course, the students’ goal for the immediate future is to settle down and do the obvious, look into our baskets and do the finishing.  Joking aside, we tremendously enjoyed the lessons and the camaraderie between teacher and fellow students. We now want to take part in a real way to the hook-ins in 2017.