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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Show & tell / April - June 2015

Rug Hooking - Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild
Hooked by Claire Fradette

Flowers on a Brown Background

By Claire Fadette
This rug that I finished in 2012  is 14 inches high x 28 inches wide. This rug came from a donation. From time to time the Guild gets donation of old rugs, sometimes just an old pattern on burlap or linen, sometimes a rug that was begun many years ago and never finished. This was a pattern on very old burlap with many weak spots and holes. I glued a new backing to the reverse side to reinforce it and from there I proceeded to hook with no. 3 cut recycled wool. The background was hooked in various shades of brown wool. 

Rug Hooking - Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild
Hooked by Maria Romero

My Aunt Ena

By Maria Romero

My aunt Ena gave me a gift of a doily crocheted with a border pattern of orange flowers. Wishing to hook a mat to thank her, I decided to use the doily edges as a finishing touch to a round hooked piece. The design I chose was the portrait of a woman painted by the Spanish artist Joaquin Soroya. I like the results: the contrast between the colours and the blending of techniques. My aunt was very pleased with her gift. 

Rug Hooking - Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild
Hooked by Denise Vandenbemden

Little Blue 
By Denise Vandenbemden

This floral rug which I hooked in 2012  is an original pattern. I drew the flowers, then reversed the pattern to obtain a mirror image. The rug, which measures 22 in. high x 32 in, long, was hooked on burlap using recycled wool which I had previously custom dyed in a various shades of blue.  The background is white shaded with blue while the edges are finished with blue binding,