Show & Tell / Alice Hamilton

Alice Hamilton (1942-2021)

In memory of Alice Hamilton (1942-2021)   

By Debbie Séguin   

The Guild was sad to hear of the passing of Alice Hamilton on October 23, 2021. Alice always had a smile on her face, made us laugh, and had a great sense of humour. 

Alice was a fantastic rug hooker and artist. She had a good habit of writing down where the recycled wool came from. For example, the brown in the tree came from Jack’s daddy’s shirt, or from Janna’s mommy’s sweater. She was also a super “Dye Queen”. She gave me about 50 swatches of dyed wool on a ring with all the recipes attached. I still have it and will always cherish it.

Alice was an enormous help to me personally dyeing the sky for a rug I was hooking for my mom. Alice and Betty came to my house, armed with the prepared squirt bottles filled with the dyes for the sky. We had a great day squirting out all the dyes onto the prepared wool laid out on the picnic table. I think it turned out awesome! My mom loved it!

Alice’s generosity and helpfulness extended to all our Guild members. She was active with the Guild for many years and served as president from 2003 to 2004 and as secretary for a year.

Alice will be greatly missed. She had a kindred spirit that will be cherished in our hearts.

Alice and Betty squirting dye onto wool fabric.

Alice and Betty holding up the dyed wool.

Sky in Debbie’s rug using Alice’s dyed wool.

Alice’s obituary can be viewed at:

From left to right: Alice Hamilton and Aillish O'Keeffe during La Fête nationale Demonstration on June 2009.

From left to right: Brenda, Claire and Alice during Montreal Gazette Visit to the Guild on March 2, 2015.

March 2, 2015: Alice Hamilton talks about her piece.
Picture taken from a video by John Kenney / Montreal Gazette


Show & Tell / Alice Hamilton   

This is a compilation of rugs hooked by Alice Hamilton and featured in our Gallery Website Page between 2009 and 2020, including the ones of the Virtual Gallery / Gallery 3: our tribute to Alice as one of our past presidents.

Pond Hockey Club. Original by Alice Hamilton.

Show & Tell / January 2009

Pond Hockey Club


The idea behind the picture came from 3 sources. My great nephew Alex was learning to skate and spent a lot of time laying flat on the ice, refusing to get up. Can you find him in the picture? You're right. He is the one flat on his tummy.
The second source was an article I read in Canadian Geographic Magazine about pond hockey tournaments in New Brunswick. That triggered a memory of my father cleaning the snow off a section of the river at our farm so that my sister and I could skate. The end result came together in this winter scene. It is done in # 3 and # 4 cut wool with some white yarn for highlights on the snow in the foreground on a linen background.


Chicken Coop Capers, Hooked by Alice Hamilton. This piece illustrates our Website Contact Page.

Show & Tell / March - June 2012

Chicken Coop Capers

New wool on linen foundation. I took a course on geometrics with Judith Dallegret and I decided on the Attic Window pattern. Having grown up on a farm, it brought back memories of being sent to get eggs from the chicken coop. This is my version of the hens having fun.


Jenna's Magic Bubbles. Original by Alice Hamilton.

Show & Tell / August 2016

Jenna’s Magic Bubbles

I made this rug for my great niece, Jenna. It tells the story of Jenna blowing bubbles - every time a bubble falls, a flower grows. The sunflowers are in memory of Jenna’s grandfather. The doggie represents Barney, her first dog, who used to like to sit in the middle of the flowers.

The rug is wool on linen, made with discarded clothing from family members.

BHCG 45th Anniversary. Virtual Celebration, Gallery 3: Alice Hamilton.

Virtual Gallery

BHCG Virtual Celebration /Gallery 3
September 2020

Alice Hamilton. Lauren Elizabeth and the Big Honney Hunt. Original.

Lauren Elizabeth and the Big Honey Hunt

This rug was hooked with love for my grand-niece, Lauren Elizabeth. I designed and drew the piece myself and hooked some parts using wool from clothing worn by Lauren’s grandfather. I hope it will be an amazing reminder to Lauren of her great-aunt's love.


These two round cushions have been conceived as a pair. My goal was to create a subtle floral design using multiple shades of purple colour and a white background.

Alice Hamilton. Garden Bench, Original.

Garden Bench

For this piece I hooked 3 different flowers in a triangle surrounded by foliage and small flower buds to form a circle.

Alice Hamilton. Spring Garden. Original.

Spring Garden

For this piece I placed an open flower at the center surrounded by others at different angles and sizes to balance the composition.


Alice Hamilton. Tulips. Original.


This pillow has 5 stylized tulips arranged in a circle with a black background to provide a good contrast. The curved leaves help create an interesting design.


Alice Hamilton. Mother's Garden. Original.

Mother's Garden

For this oval piece I used a variety of shapes and sizes of flowers. Different colours and shades helped create contrast.

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