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August 15, 2020    

National Acadian Day   

Emmy Maten   

Since 1881, Acadians have been celebrating their history, culture and heritage on August 15.
In 1710, the British conquered French Acadia. Acadia consisted of what is now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, and included some areas of Quebec and Maine. There are remnants of the 17th Century French language that no longer exist anywhere except in books and amongst those who still speak the Acadian regional dialect!

Throughout the 1700’s battles continued at different fortifications including the capture of Fort Beauséjour in 1755. When the Acadians refused to sign an oath of allegiance to Britain, the British ordered Le Grand Dérangement, or the Great Expulsion, which started August 10, 1755 and continued for 9 years. 11,500 Acadians in all were deported to the New England States and many found their way to Louisiana. Others returned to France, and from there many returned to either Louisiana or to New Brunswick since they were not allowed to reclaim their lands in Nova Scotia. "Despite these trials, the Acadian people persevered. 
In 2003, the federal government and in 2004, the provincial governments officially recognized National Acadian Day". *


Flag of Acadia flying in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada - Wikipedia

The Acadian World Congress and 200 cushions for my 200th project

The Congrès mondial acadien (The Acadian World Congress) is a festival that reunites Acadians and celebrates the Acadian and Cajun cultures. It is held every five years. The first was held from August 12 to 22, 1994 in Moncton and surrounding communities.

The 6th edition took place from August 10 to 24, 2019 in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. It was for this World Congress that in Grand Barachois, New Brunswick, Rémi Lévesque created the hooked art project “200 Cushions for my 200th”. Our Guild contributed 7 cushions and 5 members attended. For more on that event, please follow the links to see these related posts: 

200 cushions / April 8th, 2019

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Blue Moon, designed and hooked by Manon Demers-Wice

Manon Demers-Wice 
Blue Moon 

I wanted to hook a night sky with stars over a mountain range. This cushion measures 42x33 cm.

Memories, designed and hooked by Claire Fradette

Claire Fradette

I am a very proud Acadian. I was born in Bathurst, N.B. and  I still have a lot of family there. Every summer we would spend a great deal of time at a brother’s beach home, and many good memories were created there, so it was only fitting that my cushion be an ocean view. The piece is an original, 31x42 cm, hooked in wool with #4. 

Steadfast in Winds of Change, designed and hooked by Emmy Maten

Emmy Maten
Steadfast in Winds of Change 

My very close friend had an emergency operation to remove a very aggressive tumour followed by months of chemo. One day as I was walking along the Lakeshore, there was a tremendous wind and all I could think of was my friend’s struggle. She is the strongest person I know. And today, she is very well.

Kaleidoscope, designed and hooked by Kitt Richard

Kitt Richard

This cushion was inspired by the colourful effect produced by a kaleidoscope, a cylinder in which bits of  coloured glass are reflected by mirrors when turned. I thought my colourful cushion would bring joy in the old Barachois church.

Ties of Frienship, hooked by Dawna Matthew

Dawna Matthew
Ties of Friendship 

This cushion came about when I realized that several members of our guild were responding to the call for 200 hooked cushions for the Église historique de Barachois project. I knew that I just had to join in! The cushion is titled “Ties of Friendship” with a Celtic knot to represent the never-ending friendship between all areas of our country. The exhibition was tied in with the 2019 World Acadian Congress so it was natural to use the colours of the Acadian flag in the design. I was very fortunate to be able to attend the opening ceremonies for the exhibition and, not only see all these wonderful cushions, but also to meet many of their creators. 

Forever Friends,  hooked by Ti Seymour

Ti Seymour 
Forever Friends
Forever Friends Celtic Knot is a symbol of the rug hooking friendships I have made over the years. It  is punched with Briggs & Little Super Yarn and Stretchy Velvet on Monk’s Cloth. The wording is stitched onto the cushion. The sides are a punched checkerboard effect while the back is embroidered with a personal message to my friends. Thank you ladies, hope you are doing well.

Celtic Knot, hooked by Candace Fradette

Candace Fradette
Celtic Knot 

I hooked my pillow on rug warp using Briggs and Little yarn from New Brunswick, which I thought was appropriate. The pattern by David Racine was from the book on Celtic Knots. The bird outline I drew in the bottom left corner is my signature that I am using on my rugs instead of initials. This cushion measures 18” x 18”.

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