Show &Tell / August 2020

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On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in September 2017 at Centennial Hall. Visit our Blog to see the rugs showcased in the past.

Animals # 1

Animals share our world and occupy a large place in nature and our daily life. Here is a selection of rug designs representing animals hooked by our members.

Cheese, peanuts and flowers. Original by Barbara Silver

Barbara Silver
Cheese, peanuts and flowers

This is my pattern that was inspired by 3 crows I was feeding in my backyard. The male is from the 4th generation of the crow family that has been around my house since I moved here in 1996. He was 3 when he found a mate and it was his first year to mate. The couple had one surviving chick and, of course, all 3 showed up for snacks together. When I threw out small pieces of cheese along with shelled peanuts, the male would pounce on the cheese, the female went for the peanuts and the baby who was just learning to feed itself kept going for my flowers near the birdbath.

This is my first rug which measures 18" x 10.5". I learned how to hook from Judith Dallegret and this was my first attempt after 2 lessons. I drew in the crow; the sky and grass were hooked free style. Wool fabric in a #6 cut was used.

Baby Fox. Original by Juliet Davies

Juliet Davies
Baby Fox

The story of my baby fox is that it came from a photo taken at our house in Sutton where we had a family of three babies living under a shed! They were all so cute and such fun to watch playing with each other, just like puppies. I’m not sure now which Spring that was.

The Squirrels. Original by Andrée Lapensée

Andrée Lapensée
The Squirrels

This wall hanging measures 10”x12” and was made with wool in #6 cut. For the tails, fluffy wool was used.

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