Isabelle & Jacques

Vendor's Day at Burritt’s Rapids_

By Candace Fradette

Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets Rug Hooking Guild holds a Vendor's Day every year on the first Thursday of November. This year it was November 7th, from 11AM  to 2PM, and Isabelle and Jacques took part. Congratulations!

Isabelle and Jacques ready for Vendor's day at Burrit's Rapids, Ontario.

Buritts Rapids

By Isabelle and Jacques

What a great day we had in Buritts Rapids. The weather was terrible, but the welcome and the smiles were so warm and sunny. The village is superb, and what a "cachet " this building has.
Jacques and I were vending our handmade wooden rug hooking items, and also some of my patterns. 
Congratulations to the Burritts Rapids Boots & Baskets Guild who are celebrating their 40th year this fall!

Isabelle and Jacques Section

Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets Rug Hooking Guild
Vendor's Day 
Come for a coffee, tea and treats. 
Burritts Rapids Community Hall
23 Grenville Street
Burritts Rapids, Ontario
Vendor Day with:
Hooked On The Lake - Loretta Moore
Willow Creek - Carol Shewan
Dreams & Creations Fraser Dealer - Maureen Robertson
Jacques and Isabelle
and more Surprise Vendors

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