Punch Needle Workshop

Oxford Punch Needle Intro Workshop

Punch Needle Workshops, Sept 17 & 24, 2018

Teacher: Dawna Matthew 

This 1 day workshop is designed to introduce you to the Oxford Punch Needle technique of rug hooking.

You will punch a small 5” x 7” frame with a design of your choosing. You may draw your own or choose from several that I will have on hand, and trace using Red Dot.

I will supply:
- a 5” x 7” wooden frame with the backing (Monk’s Cloth) already attached
- wool yarn, in a variety of colours, to punch your design
- a hand out with instructions, pointers, etc..

Most of you have your own punch (or punches) and I have several which you may borrow for the class.

The cost for the 1 day workshops is as follows:
- 25$ for the fine punch needle class using 2 ply wool yarn
- 30$ for the regular punch needle class using 4 ply rug yarn

You will need:
- sharp, pointy scissors
- a permanent marker to draw or trace your pattern
- your stitch gauge from your punch needle box if you have one
- your smile!

The workshops will run from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch break.

Below are samples done with both fine and regular punches.

Note: We can decide on Sept 10 which workshop will run which day, ne  on Sept. 17th and one on Sept 24.

Please let me know if you are interested so I can prepare the frames.
Contact: matthewd@ca.inter.net


The sunflower is punched with a # 13 fine punch and 2 ply wool yarn on a 5” x 7” frame.

The sheep is punched with a # 10 regular punch and 4 ply wool yarn on a 5” x 7” frame.


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