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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ailish O'Keeffe

In Memory of Ailish O'Keeffe


From left to right: Sylvia, Ailish and Lois
Ailish supported Guild events including demonstrating at the Jean Baptiste Celebrations in the City of Beaconsfield


This is a compilation of rugs hooked by Ailish O'Keeffe and featured in our Gallery Website Page between 2008 and 2013.

She has been a much  loved member of our group, who donated her time to worthwhile causes from Hooked Mug Rugs for West Island Mission to Rugs for babies in Africa. 

From those who have known her for a short time, like myself, to those who've been friends of many years we are so very, very sad that we have lost her and blessed to have spent time in her beautiful company.

We will be sharing her legendary stories and jokes for years to come.



Show & Tell - January 2008 


Smoked Salmon

I saw a picture of a fish smoking a pipe, and I thought this idea could be great for a rug. I discussed the idea with Judith Dallegret who gave me a drawing of a fish that I could use as a basis for a rug called “Smoked Salmon”.

I used monk’s cloth to work on, and a number 6 cut wool. The colors include a deep salmon, purple and yellow mixed with spot-dyed wool to make an interesting combination. The piece is 37” x 20”. It is  to be a wall hanging.


Show & Tell - April 2009 


Maureen and her boys

When my children were small I used to draw "stickmen" for them - we would make up stories (like in comic books) and do stickmen for illustrations.  My daughter Maureen reminded about that and she asked that I do a rug showing her and her four boys, using the old stickmen - she drew them so she could put in the particular smile of each of her sons - so voila!!!  Here they are - hooked by her Mom.
I used number 6 cuts -  from three colours of fabric that I put together because I love the combination of those bright colours.


Show & Tell - February 2010

Geometric rug

This rug was the result of a geometric class given by Judith  Dallegret. The pattern is actually a quilting pattern which I always liked so I decided to use it as a really good example of a geometric design.   These happen to be favourite colours of mine, and I hooked with number 6's.

I chose the off-white background because I felt it would be the best way to highlight the main colours of the rug.

Show & Tell - March / June 2012 



My daughter Trish is a breast cancer survivor – when she was having chemo and radiation she decided she needed to have a goal – her goal was to do the Canadian Ironman – which she did the year after completing her treatments.   She has completed many more Ironmen since then –in Penticton, BC, Montreal, QC Lake Placid, NY,   St.Croix, US Virgin Islands,  Las Vegas,NV,   as well as  marathons, half-marathons, etc. 

The rug is a tribute to her accomplishments and I used the logos from  some of her  races – including Race Across America (a 3000 mile bicycle race over 4,800 km).

I used number 6 width wool in three shades of grey.  For the logos I used the actual colors of each logo.

Show & Tell - July / September 2012

Cool CatsI found the crazy cats on a fabric sample and felt that they would look really good on a rug - they were based on that sample but I made a few changes, including the colours. I had no background in mind until the cats were hooked and then I made it up as I went along - I have found that to be a successful way for me to work. I used number 3 cut to do this rug - I like working with narrow pieces of wool; I find no. 3 to work well for most of the rugs I hook.

Show & Tell - July / September 2013


This rug measures 29" x 24", hooked on a rug warp backing. The figures were done from pieces of wool that I already had (most of the yellow background was dyed by Lois Morris for me). I don't know anything about recycled and I don't dye,so I buy wool pieces when they go on sale at our Guild, or on the rare occasion when I meet up with vendors. An artist called STRATOS inspires the actual design from a painting I saw. I believe he is Greek but his studio is in France.