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Latest News

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Villa Beaurepaire

A Very Special Rug Hooking Demonstration

By Isabelle Rollin

On April 21st, a beautiful sunny spring afternoon, a rug hooking demonstration was held at La Villa Beaurepaire.

Our dear friend and co-member Ailish greeted Jeanne, Dawna, Ti, Jacques and I,  and together we showed and explained the art of traditional rug hooking.  Examples of many different techniques were displayed, and the interested group were able to try out some hooking of their own.

They were invited to come and visit us at Centennial Hall, and also at their neighbor's, Le Coin Artisanal. It was a very pleasing event, and we were very happy  see Ailish. As we left, many people were heading outside ,in the garden, to take in some sunshine.

Ville Beaurepaire- Image taken from Villa Beaurepaire Website