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Friday, April 1, 2016

Show & Tell / April - June 2016

This is selection of rugs from our September 2015 Exhibition, held at the Beaconsfield Library and at Centennial Hall.

Sally Perodeau

Oriental Rug
By Sally Perodeau

This rug was completed and first exhibited in 1987 at one of the Guild’s annual shows. Because of its age it has somehow faded but it retains its original inspiration. It has continued to have an impact on the style of rugs I have been inclined to hook. It now hangs, mellowed and faded, in my daughter’s hallway.

Lois J. Morris

Outher Limits
By Lois Morris

This piece has one circle in the centre and all the rest of the designs are small circles and parts of circles, incorporating here and there colourful zigzags. I inserted designs in each one, some carved, others in fancy stitches.  It was hooked with hooking wools, swatches, organza, stretch fabric, t-shirts, and yarn.
I hooked it in the 70's when I was into mixed media.

Jacques Lepage

The Craftman Rug
By Jacques Lepage

This rug was made to go in our living room, as well as a chair that I covered with the same pattern. Inspired by a piece of Gustave Stickley hardware,  Isabelle Rollin designed this. I had to slightly change the pattern in order to use as is the recycled wool -  I kept running out of certain colors. I enjoyed hooking this piece, calculating everything, using #8 and #6 cuts.

Carolyn Ells

By Carolyn Ells
Design: Traditional, popular for quilts and hooked rugs

This is the second mat I hooked (and first floor rug). I was nervous to take on anything complicated so I chose a “simple” geometric. Very soon I discovered that colour planning a geometric is a challenge. After many false starts, Judith Dallegret (my teacher) suggested that I first work in grey scale, planning where I wanted to place light, medium and dark values. It came together quickly after that. The light colours are gradually woven into dark colours.