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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Show & Tell / January-March 2013

On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our September 2012 exhibition, held at the Beaconsfield Library.

Grandfather's Fox - Isabelle Rollin

Grandfather's Fox
by Isabelle Rollin
My first rug was inspired by my Mother who told me that her Father had designed and maybe even hooked a rug with a fox and flowers. Together, my Mom and I spent many precious moments trying to recreate this design.
This has a great deal of 'doing and undoing' as I was learning to hook. Thank you all for your advice and encouragement. Thanks Mommy.
The rug is 26-5/8"x38", wool cut no. 6.
Original design hooked with recycled material from blazers, skirts and shared wool.

Wolf Howling - Carolyn Ells
Wolf Howling in a Winter Night-Time Landscape
by Carolyn Ells

I designed this mat for a course on Grenfell-style rug hooking that I took with teacher Joan Fraser. The wolf profile was inspired by my Yukon parka and by a photo of a wolf which was an almost identical profile to the one on my parka. The sky is hooked in hit or miss horizontal blues, with a large crescent moon. The glow of the moon outlines the wolf and is found in the snow as well. I incorporated into the design the tamarack tree on our property in the North. (Tamaracks shed their needles in winter.) I found it hard to hook with nylons at first; the stretchy material twisted easily and left bumps on the back. If you were to look at the back of the mat, you would see where I suddenly figured out how to hook it neatly.

From the first lesson in hooking Grenfell-style, I knew I didn't have the patience to hook even a small mat in the "proper" style. I appreciated learning about the style and history of Grenfell Mission and Industries in Newfoundland and Labrador, but I gave myself permission to hook with my own feel for the design. The yellow inner rows and black outer rows of the border are an imitation of Grenfell-style mats that were sold to the public.

The mat measures 11.5" x 14".
Original design adapted from Grenfell-type rugs and hooked on linen foundation with recycled nylon stockings of which some have been dyed.

jeanne Osler
Snowy Owl -- Jeanne Osler

Snowy Owl by Jeanne Osler

The Snowy Owl pattern was purchased from Germaine James for a course given by BHCG some years ago. It was hooked with no. 3 and no. 4 cut new wool and dyed wool. The mat has been framed. As a note of interest, since 1987, the Snowy Owl is the official emblem of Quebec.