Reflection, Transparency and Absorption Course

Reflection, Transparency and Absorption Course_

by Rose Kandy

Glass Bottles - Ailish O'Keefe
Glass Bottles - Ailish O'Keefe
This workshop given by Lois Morris was attended by four veteran rug hookers and three beginners who had just taken the Beginner's Course and were interested in learning more. The veterans first assignment, prior to taking the course, was to find a picture which contained optimally all three elements on which we would base our rugs. Next we had to round up the necessary colours from our stashes of wool. Of course, that also involved several days of dyeing wool to achieve the exact hues needed.

Interestingly, everyone chose different elements to feature in their rugs - definitely reflection, then transparency, absorption was more difficult to define.  At the same time, the beginners, while continuing with their own rugs, were avidly listening to how to hook reflections and to achieve transparency.

Lac de seize îles - Brenda Ticehurst
Lac de seize îles - Brenda Ticehurst

By looking intensely at the picture we chose, and with the help of our teacher, we began to differentiate what was at the forefront, what was behind - what reflected on or through what -, from what direction was the light coming - transparency of one object partially hidden behind another which projects a totally different colour.

There is no question but this was a demanding course and I feel certain that we will be going back to our teacher often for more advice before we finally finish our rugs.

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