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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Show and Tell / March-June 2012

This is a selection of rugs from our September 2010 retrospective exhibition, held at Centennial Hall, to celebrate the Guild’s 35th anniversary.

Ironman - Alish O'Keefe
by Ailish O'Keeffe

My daughter Trish is a breast cancer survivor – when she was having chemo and radiation she decided she needed to have a goal – her goal was to do the Canadian Ironman – which she did the year after completing her treatments.   She has completed many more Ironmen since then –in Penticton, BC, Montreal, QC Lake Placid, NY,   St.Croix, US Virgin Islands,  Las Vegas,NV,   as well as  marathons, half-marathons, etc.  

The rug is a tribute to her accomplishments and I used the logos from  some of her  races – including Race Across America (a 3000 mile bicycle race over 4,800 km). 

I used number 6 width wool in three shades of grey.  For the logos I used the actual colors of each logo.

The Butterfly Gate - Denise Vandenbemden
The Butterfly Gate
by Denise Vandenbemden

This rug was an unfinished rug offered for sale at one of the guild's charity sales. The rose in the corner and half of the little one the side were hooked. The matching wool, however, was nowhere to be found. I bought the unfinished piece anyway and succeeding in dyeing the exact values of red. The pattern left a large area for a background and I find hooking backgrounds boring, so I added a number of butterflies and a checkered border. The size of the rug did not allow for a nice fit in the last corner (bottom right) so I left it open and hooked a butterfly in this door.

Sylvia Solomon - Attic Window
Attic Window
by Sylvia Solomon

This rug was made with no. 5 cut from recycled wool and some wool that I dyed.  It was inspired by a geometric course given by Judith Dallegret. It was fun trying to produce 3 shades of each colour.

Alice Hamilton
Chicken Coop Capers
by Alice Hamilton

New wool on linen foundation. I took a course on geometrics with Judith Dallegret and I decided on the Attic Window pattern. Having grown up on a farm, it brought back memories of being sent to get eggs from the chicken coop. This is my version of the hens having fun.

Sally Perodeau - Oriental

Oriental Rug
by Sally Perodeau

My first love is oriental designs and I have done many of them. This one I would call contemporary, very lively and I enjoyed doing it. Except for the navy background, the wool is all hand dyed. Lois Morris helped me as usual. The pattern comes from McGown-Flynn.