Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog
On this Blog you will find articles about our activities and archives from 3 of the Guild's Web pages:
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Latest News

Latest News

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BHCG Website Has Been Redesigned

2012 Website

Come see our new Website at www.beaconsfieldrughooking.com and browse through the fresh new pages.

We took a good look at our old site and came to the conclusion that after four years, it was time to revamp it.

We started by redesigning the header and layout, which immediately gave a crisp new look to the site. We also took into account navigation and content to make a more functional and user-friendly Website. Our new menus allow you to access information quickly.

Because the site has grown and content has been changed, we created an Archive in a blog form where you will find content of the following pages:
  • News: with articles and pictures of our past activities;
  • Featured Rugs (Show & Tell) Gallery: rugs showcased on our Website in the past;
  • Tips: rug hooking tips and techniques.
This blog will be updated from time to time, as we add new tips and techniques and as we transfer past news and pictures from the new site to the Archive. We hope you will enjoy your visit. We would appreciate your feedback on this new site; to answer the short Website survey please follow this link www.beaconsfieldrughooking.com/contact.html

We have done our best to ensure that no mistake in the text, error in the links or in navigation occur. If you find an error, please advise us at webmaster@beaconsfieldrughooking.com or at editor@beaconsfieldrughooking.com.

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild Website Committee

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Rose Kandy, Editor / Translator

Maria Romero, Webmaster
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