Olde Forge 2011

Loops, loops and still more loops!
by L. G. de Tonnancour

Olde Forge Hook-In 2011

Saturday, April 2nd 2011, Denise Morissette and myself had the chance to go the annual Olde Forge Guild big hookin in Ottawa.  We were in the company of pioneers in the Canadian rug hooking world, Lois and Derek Morris, who generously volunteered to drive us. Carolyn Ells and Maria Romero, on their own, after a few wrong turns in the city managed to find the meeting place and join us with great big smiles. 

A happy crowd of seventy rug hookers and four vendors in a very bright and large room contributed to the success of the event. In the afternoon, with show & tell we saw traditional, progressive and mixed media rugs.  Loops, loops and still more loops... from no.2 to no.9 cuts there was a little something to please everyone's ' eyes... sometimes with very surprising material!  Until next time, thank you Olde Forge for such a pleasant day!

Louise G. de Tonnancour

Lois J. Morris
Denise Morissette and Carolyn Ells

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