April 15, 2024   

Visit to the Musée des Métiers d’art du Québec Reserve collection (storage facility)   

This past Monday, our guild met at the Bibliothèque du Boisé Library in Ville St Laurent to view the Musée des Métiers d’art du Québec Reserve collection, stored in the temperature and air-controlled basement.

We are greeted in the library lobby by Murielle Gagnon and Laura Delaunay.

Many thanks to Gaétan Berthiaume for making this unique visit possible for our guild members. Mme. Murielle Gagnon, general director, and curator of MUMAQ, and Laura Delaunay, manager of the archives, greeted us and toured us in small groups throughout the collection of some 15,000 artifacts.

Murielle gives details of the many artifacts.

Laura is opening one of the many storage doors.

It was an artisan adventure into the past! We saw beautifully carved antique furniture, spinning wheels, glass work, pottery, metal work, tools of the trades, paintings, theatrical costumes, and our very favourite: hooked rugs! Murielle and Laura had laid out all the rugs for us beforehand, each with its printed rug registry attached. We saw antique primitive rugs from the early 20th century, followed by 2 or 3 rugs designed by painter Clarence Gagnon and hooked by Aurore Benoit, and several rugs hooked by the painter George Etienne Tremblay circa 1940’s and 1950, and finally numerous modern rugs. We noticed that all the rugs except one, were hooked to the edge, with the foundation fabric simply folded to the back and hemmed. The one exception was a colourful geometric rug edged all around with tongues of fabric. We did not see any whipped borders.

It was an enriching morning for all of us, and wonderful to be with such a nice group of friends.

Here is a link to a virtual tour of the MUMAQ storage facility : The Secret Life Of Objects 

Musée des Métiers d’art du Québec Website:  MUMAQ

The morning group.

The afternoon group, with Murielle and Laura.


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