Show & Tell / January - March 2024

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In this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in April 2023 at Centennial Hall. Explore our Blog to see the rugs showcased in the past. 

Show & Tell / January-March 2024. Winter.

Winter – Let’s Get Cozy

As the cold winter days approach, we pull out our oversized sweaters and warm socks, sip a hot drink, and get lots of rug hooking done. May the rugs in this Show and Tell warm your imaginations and inspire your craft.

The Winter Journey. A Karla Gerard pattern hooked by Christina Delaney.


Christina Delaney

The Winter Journey
Karla Gerard pattern
Purchased from Hooked on the Lake
Cuts #4, #6, #8 on linen
25” x 30”
Whipped edging 

The whimsy and the fox sold me on this delightful pattern. It is my winter rug which I hang in my entrance.

Les Éboulements – Hiver (Les Éboulements - Winter). Design by Isabelle Rollin, hooked by Jacques Lepage.


Jacques Lepage

Les Éboulements – Hiver (Les Éboulements - Winter)

Design by Isabelle Rollin


Cuts #4, #5, #6 on Verel

14” x 16.5”



This is one of a series of “Houses and Barns in Québec”. Les Éboulements is a municipality in Quebec on the north shore of the St Lawrence, past I’ile aux Coudres. It is a very hilly region, with typical old Quebec houses and barns.


Watching the Game. Original by Isabelle Rollin.


Isabelle Rollin

Watching the Game



Punch needle, yarn on Monks cloth

17.75” x 33.75” plus frame


On our way to a hook-in, we drove by a Beaconsfield elementary school, and I caught a glimpse of children playing in the snow. The colours, the movements, and the joy inspired this design. It was giggles to hook, imagining all the different characters, the little stories going on, and working with all these colours.

Chickadee. A Lisa Ferguson pattern. Mini-punch needle by Helen Radford.


Helen Radford


Lisa Ferguson pattern

Purchased from Hooked on the Lake


Miniature punch needle

Hand-dyed Valdani cotton threads on Weavers cloth

6” x 8”

Folded-over edging


The chickadee is one of my favourite birds. When I saw Lisa’s rendition, I found it charming and knew I needed to try and punch her painting.


Winter Sun. Pattern by Isabelle Rollin. Mini-punch needle by Carolyn Mungall.


Carolyn Mungall

Winter Sun

Pattern by Isabelle Rollin, slightly modified


Mini-punch needle

Silk yarn (some white, and some I dyed), cotton and silk embroidery floss, cotton Valdani yarn on Weavers cloth

7.5” diameter plus frame


I love the pale winter sun, especially when it is snowing. Isabelle Rollin gave me the round wood frame. Jacques Lepage helped me to mount my rug into the frame. I matted it with my own hand-dyed wool.

Houses in Winter Night. A Karla Gerard pattern. Mini-punch needle by Emmy Maten.


Emmy Maten

Houses in Winter Night

Pattern by Karla Gerard

Purchased from Hooked on the Lake


Mini-punch needle, Valdani floss on Weavers cloth

5.25” x 4.25” + frame



Loretta Moore was vending at the Martintown International Rug Hooking Day Hook-in in 2018 and I was curious to try a mini-punch rug. I like Karla Gerard’s art and saw this particular pattern for sale. Loretta helped me to choose the 8 shades of Valdani embroidery floss needed and I also bought an “Ultra-punch” needle from her.

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