Fête nationale

Fête nationale 2023   

In Beaconsfield, the Fête nationale is usually celebrated outdoors in Centennial Park. Despite a long stretch of beautiful sunny weather, June 24th happened on a rainy day, so festivities were moved inside to the Beaconsfield Recreation Centre. Attendance was certainly not dampened! The centre was packed with a steady stream of visitors throughout the afternoon and the city provided live music and mime entertainment.

All set-up to greet the public (Chris and Debbie).

Member of Parliament for Lac St. Louis, Francis Scarpelaggia, stopped by to visit our booth. (sitting: Emmy and Debbie).

Our booth was set up beside the Quilters’ and Artists’ booths. To the other side was the live reptiles and small mammals exhibition! While the children were thrilled to hold the snakes, we were drawn to the adorable little hedgehog which periodically came out of hiding.

Cute little hedgehog.

Several visitors stopped to sit at our booth and try rug hooking. One visitor signed up for a beginners’ class and another signed up to join our guild in September!

Many thanks to our members who participated. Not only was it a fun way to have a hook-in and meet the public, but our participation is also a good way to give back to the city for the fabulous support which they provide us throughout the year.

A fun afternoon together (Carolyn E, Debbie, Karen, Sue, Denise, Harold).

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