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Show & Tell : Covered Bridges! _

From the middle 1800’s to the middle 2000’s over 1000 to 1200 covered bridges were built in Quebec alone, and, of these, 82 were still in existence in 2012. (Certain sources claim 100). These structures were erected to facilitate the transport of timber across watercourses, replacing the early primitive bridges made out of exposed wooden boards, which, unprotected from the elements, were rotting quickly and were hazardous for the users. Covering the bridge with a roof meant a longer lifespan for the bridge and  protection for the horses and pedestrians. Over the years, many of these bridges were restored and are still in use today for pedestrians and cyclists.

Romance at Kelly Bridge by Brenda Ticehurst
Romance at Kelly Brigde
By Brenda Ticehurst
Inspired By Pont Macaza and a scene I painted

Historic Pont Kelly covered bridge is located in Low,Western Quebec along the Gatineau River north of Wakefield on chemain du Lac pike over the Stag River. Erected in 1923.  As I was Hooking I had recently seen the excellent romance with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY 1995. Many of the scenes took place at a covered bridge. My mind began to wonder and I imagined a romance on Kelly Bridge and so it is a love story rug.

Altogheter / Tous ensemble, by Isabelle Rollin

Altogether / Tous ensemble 
By Isabelle Rollin

Close to my childhood family farm is the Powerscourt bridge near Elgin, Quebec, opened in 1861, it is the oldest covered bridge in Canada that is still in function.
I added the theme of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation into this rug since it was another guild project. I tried to squeeze in many different elements that represent our beautiful country. "A Mari usque ad Mare " from sea to sea, is my sky, where the oceans come together.  Sweet maple leaf in the east, elegant pine tree in the west, and a touch of Fleur de Lys. Our beaver and Canada geese, are set into a border which represents our famous woolen socks.
Hooked on linen, mostly #6 and 8 cut, using both new and found wools.

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