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Monday, August 24, 2015

Twist Festival in Saint-André-Avellin – August 22nd and 23rd

Rug Hooking Demonstration (August 23rd)

By Ti Seymour

If you've not been to this fibre festival, I can assure you it's highly recommended and won't disappoint you if you're looking for any number of exotic or run-of-the-mill fibres. It was the first time that a Rug Hooking demonstration had been available. Ever eager to get Rug Hooking into the awareness of the mainstream crafting community, a group of us from BHCG took on the task of taking a number of rugs, wall hangings with a variety of cut wool sizes and equipment to demonstrate. It was probably not one of my most shining moments as I wrestled with a microphone headpiece which refused to stay in position during the demo but we had some laughs nevertheless and certainly had an enthusiastic audience, some of whom signed up with classes with teachers in Ontario or showed interest in coming to our 40th Anniversary Exhibition in September 2015.

Many thanks to Jacqueline Tseng, Dawna Matthew, Claire Fradette and Candace Fradette for coming along with me.

Twist Festival
Twist Festival - Image taken from Twist's Website

Ti Seymour - Twist Festival
Ti Seymour talking to the audience

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild - Twist Festival
During the demonstration

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild -Twist Festival Demo
Some people trying

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild at Twist Festival
Making a loop

Paola LeBrun
Paola Le Brun from Le Coin Artisanal standing beside Lin Watson's booth

Demo at Twist Festival
Show and Tell

Carol Shewan and Loretta Moore
Carol Shewan (left) Area 1 Rep for OHCG with Loretta Moore (right) of Hooked on the Mountains promoting our 40th Anniversary Exhibition