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Latest News

Monday, March 16, 2015

Scrappy Rug Class with Judith Dallegret

Scrappy Rug Class Review
By Jacqueline Tseng

Judith Dallegret’s Scrappy Rug course, which consisted of 4 classes*, given at the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild in February, was marvelous!! Her course took us through the basics of cutting wool, how to hook, and blending colors. We were shown many examples of different types of borders to give us ideas, and were treated to a day of dying wool.  Judy gave us a great tip - put some poison (colors that stand out) into our rugs to give them a nice pop! Although a Scrappy Rug is perfect for using up our scraps, a lot of us couldn’t help but stock up on some more beautiful wool from Judith’s collection. 

Judith’s class was very inspirational. Her carefree, open-minded attitude and support of individual tastes and talents were great incentives for some of us who are “not so sure”.  This way we enjoy what we are doing and we do more of it!

* Feb 9 & 23 – March 9 & 16, with a make-up class on 23 March for anyone who misses a day.