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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Introduction to Rug Hooking Workshop

Introduction to Rug Hooking

by Ti Seymour

On Saturday 19th October Riitta Jackson and Ti Seymour ran the first in a two part series of an Introduction to Rug Hooking.  Six adventurous ladies joined the class at Le Coin Artisanal in
Beaconsfield and were given basic instruction on how to hook.  The newcomers were free to either go with a design already provided, design something themselves or bring along a kit.  It took little time for them to get to grips with their hooks and by the end of the first session all were confident to continue at home.  By the second class, all had made very good progress, one newcomer had finished her first piece and moved on to make a prodded sunflower! (1).

Among the tales told that day, it was lovely to hear about a new members excitement to rush home from work to pick up her new hoop and hook and get down to some serious business ...... rug hooking.

(1) A proddy is a tool that resembles long-nosed pliers and is used to insert very wide wool strips or pieces into the burlap.