Show & Tell /July - September 2012

This is a selection of rugs from our September 2010 retrospective exhibition, held at Centennial Hall, to celebrate the Guild’s 35th anniversary.

Lorayne Charenko -Tuscan Landscape
Lorayne Charenko - Tuscan Landscape

Tuscan Landscape
by Lorayne Charenko

This rug is an adaptation of a picture I had seen and liked. I used both new and recycled materials. I overdyed some pieces and cut out by hand strings of colour from plaid material.  New materials were cut by machine. I really enjoyed this project with its many challenges.

Maureen Rowe - My Cottage Garden
Maureen Rowe - My Cottage Garden

My Cottage Garden
by Maureen Rowe

This was my first walk-upon rug that I started at the Nova Scotia Rug Hooking Guild school many years ago. It was a pattern from an unknown source at the time and I found my childhood dream cottage in it. It is a fantasy house with very large flowers in front and lollipop trees behind. I felt like it was a candy house in a way. Hooked in wool. It has a place of honor on my living room floor and many loving feet have trod upon it.

Ailish O'Keeffe - Cool Cats
Ailish O'Keefe - Cool Cats

Cool Cats
by Ailish O'Keeffe

I found the crazy cats on a fabric sample and felt that they would look really good on a rug - they were based on that sample but I made a few changes, including the colours. I had no background in mind until the cats were hooked and then I made it up as I went along - I have found that to be a successful way for me to work. I used number 3 cut to do this rug - I like working with narrow pieces of wool; I find no. 3 to work well for most of the rugs I hook.

Sally Perodeau - Umbrellas
Sally Perodeau - Summer in Montreal

Summer in Montreal 2009
by Sally Perodeau

The inspiration for this rug came from some Chinese wrapping paper. With the help of Lois Morris, we chose one parasol and enlarged it, and used it to create different patterns. The summer was a bad summer, so instead of parasols they became umbrellas. This rug is for my grandson whose initials are on one of the umbrellas. Thank you Lois for your help.

Brenda Ticehurst - Hydrangea
Brenda Ticehurst - Hydrangea

by Brenda Ticehurst

Because hydrangeas are so beautiful in Vancouver B.C., I  hooked this rug for my daughter Tara, who lives there.  I did the flowers in proddy so as to make them stand out and I tried to show texture in the jug and wooden table.  The background colours were chosen to match her dining-room. All done with recyled wool cut at no.6,  I dyed the wool for the background and for the flowers, while the jug and table were hooked from old tweed coats.

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