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Latest News

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rug Registry

Introduction of Rug Registry Form to BHCG in 2012

By Maria Romero and Rose Kandy

The BHCG Website Committee designed a form and presented it to the members for approval in the Spring of 2012. The purpose was to request all members who were showing rugs in the 2012 BHCG Exhibition to fill out a form for each rug they would show. The Website Committee would photograph all the rugs at the Exhibition and then add a picture of each rug to the appropriate completed form for the BHCG records. Members could also have a copy for their own records.
The pictures and details of each rug would be featured in the Gallery section of the Website. With forms filled in and picture inserted, it made it much easier for the Committee to plan and showcase members’ rugs.

Rug Registry Form (2012)